Cancellation policy

No refund will be provided in case of booking cancellation or no-show.


You CAN reschedule an appointment 4 hours before appointment time slot.


Terms and conditions




Payment is due upon completion of work. Friendly FixIT does not accept net terms. If payment cannot be made upon completion of service, the customer will be charged 5% per day of balance owed until total balance is paid, plus a 20% collection fee of total balance owed. We do not provide cash discounts. Checks are no longer accepted as of Jan. 1 2014.


Warranty & Returns:

All New Parts sold by Friendly FixIT have a 1 year parts only warranty. The parts warranty only relates to manufacturer defects and not customer negligence. If problem occurs due to negligence, a service fee will be charged at standard rates. We guarantee computer service on hardware repairs for 14 days. There is no guarantee or warranty for repairs on software. Friendly FixIT Makes No Warranty that the service will meet customer’s requirements, or that the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free. No returns accepted on software and/or hardware once customer takes possession of items. Any defective items can be exchanged during warranty period for the same item.


Limitation of Liability:

Friendly FixIT is not responsible for any data loss. Customer agrees that prior to Friendly FixIT servicing any equipment it is Customer’s responsibility to back-up there data, software, information or other files stored on computer disk drives. Customer agrees that whether or not Customer requests back-up services from us, Friendly FixIT shall NOT be liable under any circumstances for any loss, disclosure, alteration or corruption of any data, software, information, files, hard disks, compact disks, floppy disks, or other media. Friendly FixIT is not responsible for any consequential, special damages or loss of profits. Liability, if any, against Friendly FixIT is limited in all events to actual costs of service charges paid. Customer agrees not to solicit our technicians to work outside of our company business hours, or to work without the knowledge or consent of Friendly FixIT. You also agree not to make an offer of employment to any employee of Friendly FixIT. Computers, parts or any other item left at our office over 30 days become the property of Friendly FixIT.